Angry With God


Yes, , there are some angry with God. Why in the world would someone feel this way about God? Usually, those angry with God feel this way because God did not do what they ask, and so they blame God for unanswered prayers. No, it’s not ok to be angry with God, it is also not ok to be angry with anyone. Although, it is is not ok to be angry with God, you can find peace in knowing that God is not angry  with you. You are angry with God because your loved one dies; you blame God for the death. Anger is a grief emotion and so is blame. You are angry with God because you blame God for the death. The time of bereavement is a difficult time, but even in this difficult time you recognize your anger against God. You can now begin to let go of the anger, recognizing it as a grief emotion that you must work through. The next that moves you through this grief emotion is prayer. When you pray confess your anger, ask God to give your strength, understanding, and forgiveness. If you read the book of Job, you find that Job is anger with God until he opens his eyes to God’s greatness. God creates the world, humanity, and all in the world and keeps the world in orderly motion. The God of creation knows what to do with creation, because he creates all. God knows our time of birth and death; God also knows your time of grief recovery. When you recovery you are no longer angry with God.