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  • Yes, , there are some angry with God. Why in the world would someone feel this way about God? Usually, those angry with God feel this way because God did not do what they ask, and so they blame God for unanswered prayers. No, it's not ok to be angry with God, it is also not ok to be angry with anyon... [read more]
  • There is no story in the Old Testament more precious to our hearts than the story of Abraham’s faith journey with God.  His journey begins when he leaves his father house to go to an unknown destination.  The greatest story of Abraham’s faith journey is the sacrifice of his son, Isaac.  Hebrews 11:1... [read more]
  • Someone is always setting traps. Even the godly sometimes get lost and set traps for other Christians. Setting traps is the sign of an evildoer. Those who set traps for others are under the control of evil, and soul burns with the fire. And believe me it is not the fire of the Holy Ghost. AMEN! ... [read more]
  • David comes to God praying that God hears his prayer because he speaks truth. Speaking the truth is a “prayer formula” that even those who don’t serve God know. Everybody knows the mouth must not speak deceit, flatter, or lies if the mouth wants to speak to God. But this “prayer formula” is one ... [read more]
  • The gospels tell the story of fearful disciples who desert Jesus after his arrest. Peter denies him three times(John 18:25-27), and then joins the other disciples who hide from Roman soldiers. At Christ's crucifixion, only John stood by the cross of Jesus with the three women: Mary the mother o... [read more]
  • Jesus is crucified Friday, on a cross and buried by Joseph of Arimathaea (Matthew 27:57-60; Mark 15:45-46; Luke 23:50-53 and John 19:38). All four Gospel writers agree that it is Joseph of Arimathaea who buries Jesus. We have no doubt that Jesus is in the grave, but what is he doing? Is he resti... [read more]