Tessie Rag-001MINISTRY EXPERT – Rev. Dr. Tessie R. Simmons  is founder of Love Dove Ministries.  She is the second child of Lee (deceased) and Alene Delaney Simmons.  Dr. Simmons is a graduate of Notre Dame High School (Shreveport); Mississippi Valley State (Itta Bena); Louisiana Tech University (Ruston); Memphis Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church (Memphis); and Southern Methodist University (Dallas).  She found Love Dove Ministries in 2003 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

MINISTRY OF THE WORD  – Rev. Dr. Tessie R. Simmons ministers the word for eighteen years as a Methodist pastor and teacher. In the year 2004,  she begins ministering the word as a geriatric chaplain, giving spiritual care to the beloved golden age. Her interfaith ministry strengthens and enriches the cherish generation to face the challenges of bereavement, end of life issues, family stressors, and spiritual growth.

AUTHOR AND LECTURER – Love Dove Ministries lectures give a better understanding of God’s plan for humanity.  Our permanent collection of lectures include a four part lecture series from Dr. Simmons’  book, “The Black Queen of Queen Is Solomon’s Song of Song,” Jephthah’s Daughter, Huldah, Zipporah, and Melchizedek.

GRIEFOLOGIST  – Dr. Tessie R. Simmons is train through Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.  Her experience begins in local Methodist churches, ministering to bereave families as spiritual leader.   In 1993, she begins the “Grief Recovery Well” and her journey as Willis-Kinghton Medical center, Hospice of Northwest Louisiana,  bereavement coordinator.   She graduate from Integris Baptist Medical Center (Oklahoma City) clinical pastoral education program, working as a resident chaplain, in 2004. In 2005, she begin her journey as a Oklahoma Hospice Chaplain and publish a book about death, dying and recovery in 2007: “Death and Dying Encounter Spirituals: A Pastoral Care Devotional for the Dying and Caregivers.”   The book gives spiritual and emotional care to the terminally ill and recovery care to their grieving loved ones.

CHRISTIAN MUSICOLOGIST – Dr. Tessie R. Simmons ministers spiritual care to the dying and recovery care to the grieving as a Christian musicologist.  Spirituals and other Christian music give voice to grief emotions, healing broken hearts filled with pain and sorrow, reminding them of good times and blessed memories. It is through music that the grieving can imagine a new life without the loss loved one.

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT – Love Dove Ministries is about preaching the “Good News” for some to accept Christ and others to grow spiritually. We sponsor theological workshops and revelatory lectures to increase faith and foster commitments to sharing the gospel. Recovery Well clinics and workshops promote grief recovery and seminars certify grief specialist.

THE MISSION –  The mission of Love Dove Ministries is to minister to church and society for abundant and eternal living.